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Wed, 15 Oct 2008


Current projects

Archived projects

stderred: Make stderr red.

You could use zsh or a Perl script to make stderr red. Or you could write an LD_PRELOAD wrapper. See my note about this.

vhost_effort: Log Apache time spent on the request

This was an Apache2 patch to calculate how much time Apache spends on requests to each vserver and some Python to graph it. See my note about it.

qemu at 10.0.3.x

This was a qemu patch to change the default for "-net user" to use 10.0.3.x instead of 10.0.2.x. See my note about it.

Mine Wikipedia for style edits

I had an old project that never quite succeeded to mine Wikipedia for style edits — I wrote more about it on my projects page. It's useful as a reference for how to manage and filter Wikipedia XML dumps. Also in this module is an interesting Makefile that does data processing across multiple machines with just increasing make -j values. See my note about it.

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