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Sat, 13 Apr 2013

Why are you doing all of this?

fijal just asked me, on IRC:

<fijal> paulproteus: if you have a second, can you tell me *why* are you doing all of this?

Briefly, here is the reason I work on OpenHatch:

For free software to take over the world, and for all users of software to be able to have control over their computing, we need a few things it seems to me.

  1. Software that is free ought to be better.
  2. That will probably take more collaboration and contributors.
  3. More people ought to feel comfortable doing things like filing bugs and participating in projects.
  4. For people to understand that, it helps a great deal if they know how to program.
  5. Free software contribution experiences are best when you have in-person communities to work with and bounce ideas off, or at least people who you know fairly well even if you collaborate remotely.

I think that explains basically all of what we do at OpenHatch.

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