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Sun, 29 Jul 2012

RHEL 7 will (probably) have GNOME 3

While chatting with Greg Price earlier this evening about the coming Linpocalypse, I said something I wanted to research. Upon further review, it seems that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 will ship GNOME 3.

You can see a video of Jonathan Blandford talking about it, where he says:

And then looking forward to the future, RHEL 7.... We're giving demos of GNOME3, and the new desktop is a huge change; we're doing some pretty exciting things there. So if you're interested in it, please come by and take a look!

"CubedRoot" on did take a look, and (s)he wries:

I went down to the Partner Pavillion and spent over an hour with Jonathan and the RHEL7 demo they had running. Besides a new wallpaper (Which was very beautiful BTW) they were running Gnome 3.5 on the demo, an the only other major changes were a few more account service providers and chat plugins (like Sametime, Yahoo, and stuff). It did not handle multi-monitors with different resolutions worth a flip (but it is beta after all). This is when I asked him if they planned on putting XFCE or LXDE or even Cinnamon in the Extra's channel, and they very confidently said they would not be in there. They had no plans to offer them.

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