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Fri, 03 Aug 2012

Anonymous should submit patches

About a day ago, there was a problem with the Wikimedia Foundation websites.

Leslie Carr provided this explanation:

[22:26:13] <LeslieCarr> in reality, looks like a bad squid config was pushed, then when it was rolled back, the site came back up

Apparently, the BBC asked why the sites were down.

George Herbert suggests:

They probably wanted to make sure it was accidental and not some denial of service attack (i.e., newsworthy). Were say Anonymous to jump on us for some unforseeable reason, it would be newsworthy, and I am sure the newsies would come running to everyone ever publicly identified as knowing anything about ops at the site...

Conclusion: Anonymous should start submitting (broken) patches to the Wikimedia operations team, in the hopes one of them lands and causes the site to go down, so it can get more press.

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